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Join thousands of travelers from all over the world who visit Uruguay's amazing South Atlantic Ocean beaches every year

Uruguay has a 600 km coastline of beautiful beaches. Half of this is on the River Plate’s Estuary and the rest is on the Atlantic Ocean. The River Plate ends, technically in Punta del Este but river waters are rarely found after Piriapolis.

Uruguay’s beaches presents are 100% uncontaminated waters and the tourism high season starts in December and ends in March with its peak of activity in January. Beautiful oceanic beaches are found to the east of Montevideo.

The first area when driving east is Costa de Oro (Golden Coast). White sand and mostly oceanic waters has become home of many foreigners because of its beauty and short distance (45 min) to Montevideo.

The first place to arrive when driving along Uruguay's Beaches to the east is Piriápolis, a Mediterranean style historic resort. Mr. Francisco Piria was a mason and alchemist who founded this resort in the early 1900’s. His castle and other constructions, as any other masonry buildings delight with their mystery and are a must for anyone visiting the area. Piriapolis is similar to the coast of Nice and it is surrounded by beautiful green hills and clear blue waters.

All around Piriapolis there are several smaller resorts and different kinds of beaches; calm and familiar with water sports, wild and rough with great waves special for surfers, and never ending desert beaches, also with great sandbar waves. Other small rocky beaches are special for snorkeling and scuba diving.

There is an ecological fauna reserve were many of our native animals are kept in their natural habitats for both showing and protection of these species.

Piriapolis is a fine choice for beach holidays in Uruguay. Continuing east, only half an hour distance from Piriapolis you will enter the Pearl of the Atlantic: Punta del Este This city is so beautiful and has so much to offer that joinuruguay has a special place in this website exclusively for it. Check out Punta del Este

Driving further towards the north east (1+1/2 hr) from Punta del Este you will arrive the coasts of Rocha, the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in Uruguay. Its geographic position (near the Brazilian border) and its amazing and natural landscape delight everyone who visits this place. The main idea for holidays in Rocha is to stay in one of the beach resorts, rent a house on the beach of your preference and travel around Rocha’s paradise.

La Paloma is the nearest and biggest beach resort in Rocha, on a point over the Atlantic Ocean. You can difference two beaches in La Paloma; La Aguada to the north, and Solari beach to the south. Both of these offer great waves, bars, and sand sports but also desert areas with dunes and clear water special for relaxation.

Between these two beaches there is; a very calm bay for water sports and family activity; and a very famous and popular beach of La Paloma called "Balconada", this is where bars and live music during sunset hours guarantee fun at the beach for those in La Paloma.

La Pedrera is only 10 min away from La Paloma but is quite different. It has become very popular in the last years attracting the young population. It is also a rocky point and you can also difference two beaches in La Pedrera: El Desplayado and El Barco.

Night life is very fun and wild. Big Bars outdoors in the woods or at the beach offer great live music, djs, drinks and great fun. People from the resorts around choose the parties of La Pedrera every night.

Punta del Diablo is one of our favorites beaches in Uruguay. It is a tiny fishermen village 1 hour away from La Ploma and 45 min from the Brazilian border. It has kept the magic of the fishermen style over the years. Little houses over the rocks and only 20 meters from the sea can be rented for the summer seasons at incredibly low prices.

Even hostels and little hotels in Punta del Diablo are respectful of this fishermen town style. The place is mystical and amazing. People from all over the world have been delighted by these place’s energy and beauty. It also has two beaches, one on each side and it has one of best surfing waves in the country. Sea food is great and fresh because it actually is still a fishermen village, empty during winter, but full and fun during summer.

Santa Teresa National Park (15 min. from Punta del Diablo) is a military managed Park where hundreds of species of trees are guarded. A fine organized camping with full services, just in front the most perfect wave in Uruguay is surely the best choice for campers and surfers.

The beach of Santa Teresa is incredible fun and the park is very well cared for. There is also the Fortress of Santa Teresa, an intact 1700’s piece of evidence of the struggle between Spain and Portugal for these lands during colonial times. There is an important camping community in Uruguay that comes to Santa Teresa every year.

Cabo Polonio is the most hidden and secret spot in Uruguay’s coast. The access is usually on huge trucks over dunes and through pine forests in a one hour journey. The second choice, only for the brave, is to cross these 7 km of woods on foot. There are no dangers in this entertaining hike. When you finally leave the forest behind and walk over a huge sand dune you can see the Cabo Polonio Cape village. It is also a tiny fishermen village but there are practically no services.

This place is disconnected from technology and out of the world’s reach, therefore it is the perfect spot to unplug and relax mind and body. Houses built right on the rocks, only meters away from the water or over the grass lawn can be rented in summer for a most magic holiday experience.

Sunset brings the fishermen back home and the people to their boats to buy fresh fish directly from them. The wave here is amazing, great swells and strength. Nature’s beauty can be observed in many of Uruguay’s beaches. Many sea mammals such as Sea-Wolfs, Dolphins and Sea-Lions can be observed nearby.

Eubalaena australis is a whale that comes to mate every year to our waters. All of these creatures can be seen from the beach and they are a great attraction nowadays. Last April our coasts were visited by a few Killer Whales which are very rare.

Purchasing a piece of land near the beach, or a beach front property is a great life investment. Prices are very economical when compared to American or European standards. Joinuruguay offers the opportunity to show you and help you in the selection of your spot, design and construct a house according to your requirements.

It will be our pleasure to assist you in planning your holiday to Uruguay’s beaches and contracting the best services available at the most competitive prices in our market.

For more information about Uruguay beaches, contact us and we will gladly send you more detailed material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.




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