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Punta del Este

Join Uruguay's pearl of the atlantic, its glamour, its people, its beaches and its action. Join Punta del Este.

The most exclusive and glamorous beach resort in South America.

During the last 50 years Punta del Este has become the most beautiful modern city of the South Atlantic Coast. Punta del Este is known as the Pearl of the Atlantic.

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It is a glamorous city known all over the world, thus, every summer people from all around the globe gather in Punta del Este to enjoy the most privileged and exclusive vacations.

This magical place puts together nature and entertainment infrastructure in a unique manner; first class services and tourism diversity make Punta del Este the best resort city.

Punta del Este has its own international airport and is only an hour away from Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city. Summer holidays in Uruguay's beaches are very demanded, so if you are planning to visit Punta del Este we recommend you to book your Punta del Este hotel in advance.

Punta del Este Beaches

The peninsula separates two kinds of beaches. To the north, oceanic beaches are rough and wild with great waves, special for surfers. "Playa Brava".

And to the south, calm oceanic waters allow other water games, yachting and family beach life. "Playa Mansa".

You can enjoy different beaches in Punta del Este: crowded beaches, deserted beaches, big wave beaches, nudist beach, rocky caves and a very special island. Get directions to move in Punta del Este.

Gorriti Island

Situated just in front of Punta del Este’s 1st calm beach, this extraordinary little spot turns into a yachting party during summer days and afternoons.

Even “after-hours” are very concurred by those who refuse to go to sleep when the night is over.

Punta del Este Port

The port of Punta del Este is home to hundreds of yachts and sailing boats and receives mayor cruise ships during summer holidays.

It is also a beautiful place to visit and walk around, try local dishes and seafood in the restaurants nearby. We Uruguayan’s are extremely proud of our food. Best range fed beef in the world.

La Barra

This place is known for its night clubs, pubs, restaurants, beach bars and the continuous party that takes place day and night all summer.

Punta del Este’s night is one of the sexiest, funniest and wildest in the world. People feel free and happy while dancing and partying in La Barra’s night. There are also other places in Punta del Este to party. For fashion parades, events and parties contact the Public Relations in Uruguay.


“Paradores” are beach bars which can be found in all beaches of Punta de Este. But these are not simple bars at the beach; they are all different from each other and offer a diverse amount of shows and activities. This is where people at the beach get together.

Sports, top model shows, bikini opens, delicious dishes, drinks, live music, dancing, djs, and parties guarantee fun at the beach every day.

Fashion and glamour are always present in Punta’s schedule. Models from Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil show there beauty on the hottest runways imagined.

Punta Ballena (Whale point)

15 minutes from Punta’s centre there is this rocky point where whales can be watched in winter. But during summer season unique apartments and houses are available.

This is probably the place with the best sight and sunsets of all our country. It is also a very fun place to dive from tall rocks and snorkel its clear waters and caves. A marvelous place is a very well known hotel called Casapueblo, an artist’s dream made true.

Uruguay’s hospitality creates a sense of peace, harmony and safety all around the country and Punta del Este is not the exception. People are kind and warm, and this is transferred to the whole of this city’s community. It’s very easy to find people from different countries, with different cultures and languages having a conversation, laughing and making friends.

Another unforgettable experience while visiting Punta del Este is a trip to “Isla de Lobos” (sea wolf island). This is one of the largest natural reserves of these great sea mammals in the world. They are great fun to watch and they are known to be rather smart.


5 star Hotels with full services and casinos, located in different areas of Punta del Este, receive thousands of exclusive visitors every year. 

In addition there are other options such as renting a house, an apartment, or even buy a piece of land, built a house, and own your own piece of Punta del Este.

Best value for your money

Uruguay is not an expensive country when compared to Europe or America. In fact, their purchasing power is twice than in their country of origin. Many are buying these lands and building their own home, some are even coming to live in Punta del Este all year round to enjoy the peace and the ocean of this southern paradise. Check our Retirement Planning in Punta del Este.

Actually the area has turned into a very strong target for many international investors. New modern towers and stylish buildings are in construction right now, most of them sold out before finished. Contact us for the last real estate business news in Punta del Este.

Punta del Este is a growing paradise which makes it the best place to live. Its beauty, its people, its summer added to Uruguay’s weather, political and economical stability, and many other important values which are strongly guarded make Punta del Este the choice of your life.

For more information about Punta del Este, contact us and we will gladly send you more detailed material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.

It will be a pleasure to introduce our Pearl of the Atlantic to you.



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