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Horse Riding in Uruguay

Join Uruguay's amazing experience of horse riding along the oceanic coasts, farm and ranch, and also high quality horse racing tracks.

Open plain grass land, deserted and never ending sandy beaches, countryside hills and rocky landscape are the reasons why horse riding in Uruguay can be such a fun and relaxing adventure.

Excellent pure bred horses and our professional guides will take you to some of Uruguay’s most magical places.

Trips are scheduled according to your requirements. Usually they are between 3 and 5 hours long because it is a traditional family activity, but full day journeys can be organized at your request.

Some of Uruguay’s most exiting horse riding activities is rallies and endurances of approximately 80 km. These are very popular and followed by hundreds of local riders; the best horses and traditional outfits are displayed.

There are also many cattle and agricultural fairs where horse breaking is very intense. In Montevideo (capital) there is a first rate horse racing track called Maroñas since 1874.

Horse riding through sand dunes and beaches along Uruguay’s oceanic coasts are an amazing and peaceful adventure to experience.

Another interesting experience is Farm and Ranch Hotels, first rated lodges where riding is part of the everyday life enjoyed in these places.

With proper planning, Horse riding combined with any of the other activities described in our website, guarantee unforgettable holidays in Uruguay.

It will be our pleasure to join your Horse Riding trip to Uruguay, assist you in contracting the best services
and inform you about any additional needs you may require.

For more information about horse riding in Uruguay, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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