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Birding in Uruguay

Join Uruguay's best nature, silent spots, peace and charming bird watching experience.

Preservation of the ecology has always been a priority for Uruguay’s government and our people.

Uruguay has a vast variety of bird species, over 440 in their natural habitats.

This huge variety of birds is made possible by the lack of climatic extremes, its position in migrating paths, abundant uncontaminated sweet water lakes and our people’s respect for such a gift of nature.

Combine the migratory birds to the incredible variety of local birds, and the easy access to sighting spots and you have an ornithological paradise.

Our geography makes it even better because not only will you appreciate lakes, and wet plain areas while watching Herons, Swans and Ducks but you will also enjoy some incredible samples in our inland rolling hills.

Uruguay has reserves and national parks where local bird species, together with other local animals (yacaré, puma, deer, wild cats, reptiles and others), are kept in their natural environment.

Nevertheless, Uruguay finds its best attraction in public places which have been declared protected areas. In such places you can delight yourself adding species to your birding list, surrounded by nature, peace and no other noise than your next target flying right at you.
In protected areas, people are allowed to do anything they want as long as they keep our nature untouched.

Well developed infrastructure, excellent roads, a highly active local birding community and top quality guides ensure that a birding trip to Uruguay will be enjoyable, easily affordable, and intense.

The bird diversity is high and many well known birding localities offer convenient access to excellent birding without the need for strenuous hikes.

Accommodations are diverse, excellent, and very affordable for visitors from Europe and North America, and the food is great and diverse too.

The climate is generally pleasant; and across most of the region, winters are mild, although it can be rather hot in summer. Spring and summer (September-March) is the best time of the year due to migratory patterns.

One of Uruguay’s greatest advantages when it comes to birding is that the places where some of these amazing creatures can be seen are not far away from each other and from beautiful beach resorts with full services.

Join Uruguay’s landscape, lakes and beauty. Join these birds in a most comfortable manner and enjoy your extra time relaxing on a desert beach, a farm hotel, or just choose any other activity from this website.

It will be our pleasure to join your Birding trip to Uruguay, assist you in contracting the best services and inform you about any additional needs you may require.

For more information about birding in Uruguay, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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