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Big Game Hunting in Uruguay

Join Uruguay's beautiful ranches and wilderness in a most intense wild boar hunting, with first rate services and professional assistance

Joniuruguay invites you to participate and practice Big Game Hunting in Uruguay.

Our packages include farm and ranch hotel stay, transportation, 3 daily meals, wine, beer, soft-drinks, water, guide, license, gun permit, trained dogs, and the support of our professional’s personal attention during your hunting trip. 

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Main Target: Uruguayan wild boar.
Local name: Jabalí
Latin name: Sus scrofa
Weight:100 to 200 kgs (220 to 440 lbs)
Height: 1.00 m (3 ft)
Length: 1.80 m (6 ft)
Inferior fangs’ length: 25 cm (10 in)

Wild boar hunting is allowed all year round. This attractive and challenging animal is found in our countryside’s forests and guarantees intense hunting action.

Joinuruguay offers you the opportunity to choose your challenge, hunting style and weapons. We promote a new concept of Big Game Hunting putting together personal attention, comfort and really extreme hunting journeys.

Hunting day begins early in the morning, surrounded by nature and a beautiful dawn sight. Wild boar hunting can be dangerous and rough but with the proper assistance it turns safe and fun.

At midday a delicious “Asado” (local style barbeque) will be served at the lodge or in the fields. Uruguayan food is excellent, best range fed beef in the world and great wines. You will be delighted eating a wild boar brochette prepared by our chef. After lunch, shooting continues until sunset or even later.

Specially trained dogs at your services will track down these huge boars.

Hunting this beautiful farming/ranching area of Uruguay is very affordable; it is very comfortable and relaxing. Sights are fabulous, silent and peaceful. People here are kind, warm and friendly.

Joinuruguay’s professionals have lands of their own where some species of deer can be hunted. Usually a Big Game Hunting trip to Uruguay includes a day or two for this experience. Contact us for this special option.

Taxidermist professional service will prepare your trophy and pack it up so once back home you can remember your hunting trip and feel like coming to Uruguay again.

While hunting in Uruguay there are other fun activities which are described in our website, including Bird Shooting, ballooning, fishing etc. With proper planning you can make an unforgettable and magical Big Game Hunting trip to Uruguay.

It will be our pleasure to join your Big Hunting Trip, assist you in contracting the best services and inform you about any additional needs you may require.

For more information about big game hunting in Uruguay, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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