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Join Uruguay's historic and cultural patrimony at Colonia del Sacramento. And, join Uruguay's traditions and society expressed in a beautiful coast city, Montevideo.

Colonia del Sacramento

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Founded in 1680 by Manuel Lobo (Portuguese), Colonia was of major strategic geopolitical, military and naval importance during Spain and Portugal’s struggles for domination of both land and river ways into the South Atlantic American Continent.

Today it is a major tourist resort area with an important historical centre core that has been declared UN World Heritage site which is a must for anyone visiting the area.

It is located over the Uruguay River, just across Buenos Aires, in an hour fast ferry trip.

Cobblestoned narrow streets, with beautiful Portuguese colonial style houses and buildings delight people from all over the world year round. The combination of nature, history, excellent services and the Uruguay River’s sights have turned this magical city into one of Uruguay’s main resorts.

There are many first rate hotels and restaurants in the area these offer a great variety of services. Foreigners think of Colonia del Sacramento as one of the best places in Uruguay.



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Montevideo has been a port since before it’s foundation in 1726 by Bruno Mauricio Zabala (Spanish). Strategically located in a natural bay on the River Plate, it is the capital of Uruguay and has throughout time become a cosmopolitan European style city of 1.5 million inhabitants (nearly half the country’s population). It is the centre of all economic, financial and political activities in Uruguay.

It is a rather calm city with a lot of green areas and parks, non contaminated nice beaches and an attractive down town center. There is a beautiful boardwalk all around Montevideo. People enjoy the beach’s fresh air, walking, running and getting together in the afternoons.

Montevideo is not a crowded city; therefore circulation and traffic are easygoing. Distances are short, making transportation quick.

Montevideo is certainly a great place to live, with a friendly society and low cost of living. The food is great and there are many cultural activities of high level, art galleries and theatres. Safe streets and mild weather all year round are one of Uruguay’s and Montevideo’s main advantages.

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