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Uruguay is a small country, 176.215 square km, located in the southern cone of Latin America, situated between Argentina and Brazil on the Atlantic Coast and the River Plate.

Its landscape of green rolling hills with a maximum altitude of 513m provides first rate cattle ranch and agricultural lands.

Uruguay has a 600km coastline of beautiful sandy beaches and several sweet water rivers and lakes that guarantee an abundant natural irrigation. In addition to this, approximately 30% of the land mass is sitting over the Guaraní Aquifer, the second largest pure sweet water underground reservoir in the world.


Due to its geographic location, Uruguay presents a rather mild temperature all year round. Min: 5ºC ; Max: 35ºC (40ºF-95ºF)
An average 1200mm of rainfall per year complete Uruguay’s optimal conditions for agricultural activities.
Seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere.
One of Uruguay’s main advantages in this matter is that it s weather does not present extremes.

- No snow
- No hurricanes
- No tsunamis
- No twisters
- No earthquakes
- No natural disasters of any kind.


Uruguay is the third country in the world in environmental care
People respect nature very much and natural habitats all over the country are home of thousands of beautiful animals. There are some fauna reserves but Uruguay’s greatest achievement are public areas which have been declared protected. In such places everyone can enter and enjoy wilderness freely as long as nature is not disturbed. Birding and photo safaris are a must for anyone visiting the area.


Before European colonization, the Charrúas, local aborigines, populated these lands in a gathering and hunting stone age society which is still being investigated by anthropologists and arqueologists nowadays.

Dominated by Spain in the 16th century and disputed with Portugal for its strategic location in the River Plate’s estuary, during the 17th and 18th centuries, was declared an independent republic in 1825.

Colonia del Sacramento is the oldest city in Uruguay (1680) and has been declared UN World Heritage. This magical place holds and represents the history of the struggle between Spain and Portugal during Colonial times and is a top tourism resort. Thousands of people from all over the world visit this city every year.

People and Society

Uruguay’s population is 99% of European decent, primarily Spanish and Italian. The population is 97% alphabetized and a high level of secondary and university education. People are very respectful of each other, and are also very kind and easy going.
There are no political, religious or racial conflicts of any kind. Uruguay is a safe country with low crime rates.
Uruguayans are very hospitable, friendly and welcome visitors from all over the world. Many people speak English as a second language.
Food in Uruguay is great. Best range fed beef in the world and fine wines, a strong commitment in natural and additive free fruit and vegetable growing, make a great gastronomical proposal.
“Mate”, an herbal infusion, is always present in Uruguayans’ diet together with the local style barbecue “asado”.


Uruguayans live under a strong democratic system, with full representation. The voting system is one of the most reliable in the world. People believe in democracy and respect each other’s political ideas.
The actual government is led by a socialist-liberal party with Jose Mujica as president.
Uruguayans expect and demand a lot from their government but always in a reasonable and non conflictive way. In fact, people are happy with the political situation and look forward to prosperity.


Uruguay's economy is characterized by an export-oriented agricultural sector, a well-educated work force, and high levels of social spending.
Although industry is increasing in importance, livestock rising forms the base of economic life. The government operates the state railways, electricity companies, telephones, the national airline company and the state broadcasting service. The leading branches of industry are the manufacture of wool and textiles, and the processing of food, primarily beef. Tourism is also a very strong economical area, especially during summer season.

In the last few years mayor international investors have chosen Uruguay as a target. The forest industry is starting strongly due to the land’s optimal conditions and prices. Three mayor pulp and cellulose mills of Spanish, Canadian-American and Finish capitals arrived to Uruguay in 2008, increasing the production rates and transforming the wood industry into one of the most profitable of the country. 

Uruguay overcame a major economic crisis in 2002 in a manner which was internationally recognized as very successful. Uruguay has always been respected for its compliance towards international financial obligations.


(2004-2005: from Uruguay’s National Statistics Institute: INE)
- Total land surface: 176.215 sq. km
- Medium height: 117m
- Maximum height: 513m
- Extremes points: North: -30º60’
                                  South: -34º68’
                                  East: 53º11’ W
                                  West: 58º26’ W


-Total: 3.3 million
-Female: 1.71 million
-Male: 1.59 million
- Urban: 3.09 million (94%)
- Rural: 0.21 million
- Life expectancy at birth: 72,5 years
- First year death rate: 11/1000
- Medium home income: U$D 8000/year
- alphabetized: 97%
- High level of Secondary and University educated.

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