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Thermal spa

Join western Uruguay's countryside water springs and thermal spas in a most relaxing and healthful experience.

The Guaraní Aquifer, with a 12 million square kilometers and one mile below the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, is the second largest sweet water reserve in the World and one of South Americas’ most important natural resources.

People from all around the world enjoy Uruguay’s water springs every year. Surrounded buy the beauty and peace of our countryside’s geography and nature, thermal spas in Uruguay are all about leisure and comfort.

Thermal Therapy is proven against stress and many other ailments and these waters’ mineral composition guarantees relaxation and health benefits. Positive results from these treatments are beginning to change the way Western medical professionals think about this alternative therapy.

Added to what the springs and hotels in the area have to offer, you will enjoy other activities described in our website. The beauty of the Uruguay River is beyond imagination and peaceful and quiet landscape surrounds this magical experience in a unique way.

Farm and ranch, first class hotels situated near the springs are also a fine option to relax and learn about Uruguay’s lifestyle. Hospitality is great as in all our country and people are kind and friendly.

All thermal resorts are situated in the north-western zone of our country and nearby the river’s coast, presenting easy access and fine accommodation.

Uruguay Hot Springs - Daymán

These springs are the hottest in Uruguay. Every day is a good day to visit this magical place. Extremely pure, radioactive and mineralized, ideal for crenotherapy, the water springs from out of the rock at a temperature of 47° C (117º F).

Uruguay Hot Springs - Guaviyú

In this thermal tourist complex the water is distributed in six rectangular and circular pools. These are no more than two meters deep and with an average temperature of 38º C (100º F). It has curative and sedative properties due to its high content of minerals –calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluorine–, and is ideal for relaxation among the natural environment, smooth and rolling prairies in which the pools are located. As in the other hot springs in the North of the country, there are special pools for children in Guaviyú.

Uruguay Hot Springs - Almirón

A couple of days at Hot Springs of Almirón can be ideal for recovering. It is presented among small villages and quiet palm groves. It will certainly please the visitor to rent a chalet and enjoy relaxing and peaceful holidays.

Horacio Quiroga Hotel

It lies in a privileged natural environment. This 5-star, 218-hectare resort has 80 bedrooms, spa, casino, bars and restaurants, conference rooms and amusement facilities for people of all ages, and was built on the shore of the Salto Grande Lake.

You can enjoy the guest-exclusive thermal waters’ springs in its three pools and the showers and hydro massage installations in the bedrooms.

Uruguay Hot Springs - Arapey

This beautiful and exuberant natural landscape with spectacular water gardens through which the water whispers among stones and under picturesque bridges, it becomes a truly enchanting Eden.

A modern hotel with 52 air-conditioned bedrooms; 6 restaurants offering varied, comfortable facilities and first rate services; motels and chalets of the greatest comfort, as well as a 450-parcel camping site with electricity, running water and “parrilla” (Uruguayan barbecue) installations, make this tourist complex a unique one among its equals. It also covers other essential services provided by a shopping center, a supermarket, baker’s store, gas station, post office, telephone, exchange, clinic, hairdresser’s and laundry. The presence of water can be felt all around, accompanied with dignity by numerous, varied and beautiful trees and flowers.

Aquamania, with slides and other fun water games for kids is most fun and entertaining, while grownups relax inside hot, natural and healing pools.

It will be our pleasure to join your Thermal trip to Uruguay, assist you in contracting the best services and inform you about any additional needs you may require.

For more information about Thermal spa resorts in Uruguay, contact us and we will gladly send you further material about any subject of your interest. We will e-mail this information at no cost within 72 hours and it will be specific to your requirements.



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