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Find Nanny in Uruguay with Tunanny – The easiest way to find a nanny in Uruguay


Nancy Cappelli Cerchi, Sociologist and Master in HR, founded in 2008 a pioneer Service in Uruguay:

All the professional expertise of Cappelli has been consolidated into this masterpiece project that allows both residents and foreigners to find a reliable yet capable nanny in Uruguay hassle-free. Here are some firsthand details on how this service works.

Hire a nanny in Uruguay with

Tunanny offers a first class service with impressive flexibility. This recruitment service has three stages:

1- Audit of the hirer’s requirements: those families looking for a nanny in Uruguay can detail the tasks, timeframes, remuneration and most importantly the nanny’s skills (i.e. experience, background, age, physical condition, etc)

2- Outreach & recruitment aligned with hirer’s requirements: Tunnany is a great recruitment channel, where the job offer is distributed across hundreds of qualified candidates. Nonetheless, the most valuable service is the audit of resumes which includes reference checks, in addition to a psychological test. A final report is sent to the hirer with up-to-date information that’s critical for proper decision making. Simply brilliant!

3- The hire: once the final reports have been assessed, the hirer will decide which nanny has the right profile. Although the deal should be closed by the hirer and hiree, Tunanny shares the candidates’ contact details and helps with the final arrangements. 

Tunanny provides full support since the beginning, including a honest advice on how to calculate remunerations, extra hours, transport costs, just to name but a few. The service of Tunanny has nation-wide coverage and it can be contracted either locally or from abroad.  

Marcelo Barreneche affirms:

“We have never left our 9-months daughter with any nanny before and we were quite afraid of leaving her with someone we didn’t know in Uruguay. Tunanny’s reference checks and detailed reports provided us the necessary confidence to make it happen. We found the right nanny and everything went great!”

Tunanny also provides services for finding private nurseries (early education) and midwives. Difficult decisions are made easy with, as reflected on their testimonials:

For further information you can contact directly the founder Nancy Cappelli in either Spanish or English as follows:

+598 22035810 * +598 95456085 * +598 98181770



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