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Things to do in Uruguay

Punta del Este

Uruguay is an undiscovered paradise, with glamorous beaches, exclusive farm and ranch scenarios and seaside cities concentrated in the south of the country. If you are travelling to popular big hubs like Buenos Aires, or even Sao Paulo, a visit to Uruguay via cheap airline tickets is very advisable.

Below we describe some of the top things to do in Uruguay, especially for warmer seasons going from September until April:

- Visit Punta del Este: recognized as the most glamorous and exclusive beach resort in Latin America, Punta del Este is certainly a great spot to enjoy luxury holidays as it puts together entertainment, first class accommodation, fine gastronomy services and extensive sandy beaches where you can find both crowded and isolated ones. It’s a great place to enjoy holidays with friends, family or couple.
- Montevideo capital city: heading towards the south, and strategically located at 3 hours fast-ferry from Buenos Aires, Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and a medium sized city with over 1 million citizens who enjoy a beautiful coastline that highlights its heritage buildings with modern constructions giving an amazing panoramic. Stoll around the “rambla” and step by its traditional “cafeterias” for some local cuisine of “frankfurters” or “chivitos”. 
- Get wild in Rocha: Close to the Brazilian border, the department of Rocha presents stunning landscapes and isolated beach resorts that will allow you to get wild and connect with nature into an unique way. Some popular resorts of Rocha include: La Paloma, La Pedrera, Punta del Diablo, Cabo Polonio, Santa Teresa, among others. Rent a bungalow and enjoy terrific scenarios of beautiful beaches contrasted by untouched forests and other natural reserves. 
- Getaway to farm and ranch holidays: Uruguay countryside presents excellent opportunities for farm and ranch holiday into its popular “estancias”. First rate accommodation services in equipped farms and some of the worlds’ finest beef and meat will make your stay very pleasant and relaxing. Additional activities such as horse riding, game hunting or thermal spas are also available in many ranches across the country. For thermal spas checkout the north-west of Uruguay.
- Travel in time at Colonia del Sacramento: Founded by Spanish and Portuguese conquerors, this city has kept its charm into time and has very well conserved pieces of those historic times of battles for this strategic territory just next to Buenos Aires by 40 minutes ferry. Enjoy the colonial cobble-stoned streets and take a ride in cars from the 1950’s while enjoy a fine wine next to the coast. Declared as an UNESCO World Heritage site, Colonia del Sacramento is certainly a must in your trip to Uruguay.
We hope this guide could give you a quick introduction of things to do in Uruguay so you can start planning your trip accordingly. You can always get more details on specific activities or destinations across our website. If you need any further information please contact us.
Have a nice trip!


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