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If you enjoy playing golf, Uruguay has a lot to offer. Playing golf in Uruguay is pleasant and enjoyable, with a good infrastructure and great value for money. At any time of the year, golf courses in Uruguay welcome you!
With template weather, Uruguay’s annual average of 17 Celsius (63 F) and the influence of the Atlantic Ocean means winters are not too cold and summers are not too hot. Annual rainfall is about 1090mm or 36 inches. This means it rains every 3 or 4 days, which allows for a lot of sunny days, but still for enough rainfall to keep the golf courses brilliantly green naturally, as well as the whole countryside of Uruguay, which is a very green peneplain.
Golf courses in Uruguay were built by the descendants of the English migrants during the past century. Greens of 9 and 18 holes are distributed through the country offering great services, a charming natural surrounding and low fares. A day of playing golf in Uruguay costs from 50 to 150 USD. Becoming a full member will cost you 5000 USD or less, later paying a monthly fee of 50 USD.
People play golf in Uruguay, but the sport is not excessively-popular, resulting on a good availability of courses, and never having to deal with the crowds and waiting times. Playing golf in Uruguay is relaxing and fun. Uruguayan golf players are friendly and polite, but they are also well-qualified opponents when you are on the field.
Aside from playing golf, you can also enjoy a lot of services in the golf clubs in Uruguay, including bars, swimming pools, fitness rooms and restaurants. There are also 5 star golf hotels in Uruguay, with a tempting gastronomic offer for golfers to enjoy and relax while on vacations in Uruguay.
These are some of the main golf courses in Uruguay:
Club de Golf del Uruguay:Founded in  1930, this golf club is located in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. It was designed by Dr. Alister Mackenzie and has 18 holes, 73 pars, 3445 yards going and 3190 yards returning. 
Club de Golf del Cerro: Founded in 1915, and also designed by Dr. Alister Mackenzie, this golf club is also in Montevideo, in an area with a good view of the bayside. There are 18 holes and 73 pars, 3059 yards going and 3320 yards returning.
Cantegril Country Club: Founded in 1947, this golf club is located in Punta del Este, the most prestigious summer holidays’ destination in Uruugay. It was designed by Luther H Koonz and has 18 holes, 71 par, 3143 yards going and 3130 yards returning.
La Barra golf Club: Founded in 1992, this golf club is also in Punta del Este but further east, in an area gaining popularity and growing in recent times. Designed by Emilio Serra, there are 18 holes, 72 par, 3077 yards going and 3002 yards returning.
Club del Lago Golf: Founded in 1983 and also in Punta del Este, Enrique Serra’s creation has 18 holes, 73 pars, 3750 yards going and 3253 yards returning.
Four Seasons Golf Club: founded in the year 2000 in Carmelo, a destination on the Uruguayan river with a special charm, it was designed by Randy Thompson and Kelly Moran. There are 18 holes, 72 par, and it’s 3547 yards going and 3611 yards returning.
Enjoy your golf holidays in Uurguay.


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