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Uruguay from Argentina

Getting to Uruguay from Argentina
Most of the tourists who travel to Argentina are recommended to visit Uruguay, especially during summer holidays in Uruguay. They love the sandy coasts and the friendliness of the Uruguayans. Therefore, before defining your travel checklist reviewing with your flights options, travel insurance and accommodation, check the different options for travelling to Uruguay from Argentina.
There are different ways of getting to Uruguay from Argentina. The easiest way is probably by taking a 3-hour ferry ride directly to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Nevertheless, most people prefer to do it differently and visit Colonia del Sacramento first, which is cheapear also.
Colonia del Sacramento is the capital of the Colonia department, one of the 19 regions of Uruguay. It’s only two and a half hours from Montevideo, but the ferry to Colonia takes only 50 minutes –or you can take a cruise ship that goes slower and takes 3 hours, but for most people that is too slow-. You can spend a day, and maybe also a night there, and then hop on an intercity bus at the terminal and go straight to Montevideo. Bear in mind that in the summer and during Easter Break buses serving cities in the eastern coast of Uruguay could be very demanded. 
Another way of getting to Uruguay from Argentina is by car. You can either take your car on board of the ferry and cross to Montevideo and Colonia for an additional or can drive up north from Buenos Aires to Puerto Unzué –close to Gualeguaychú- and cross to Fray Bentos. From there you drive southeast to Montevideo. Driving up and crossing the bridges is also the alternative if you choose to travel by bus. This is advisable if you will travel overnight, since the trip takes at least the 8 hours that you need for your night of sleep. Long distance buses in Argentina and Uruguay are very comfortable. Often you will get a semi-bed or bed seat, and will be provided a light meal onboard –for an economy-price ticket-. Most of these buses also provide headphones and play movies during the trip.
And of course you can always fly. The short Buenos Aires – Montevideo flight is referred to as “Puente aéreo” and airport fees are lower for this kind of flight. Most of these flights do not operate from Ezeiza but from Aeroparque –a smaller airport, closer to the city. You can find good fares if you check airline promotions. The flight only takes half an hour, but since you need to get to and from the cities to the airports, and also check in beforehand, it may not be much faster than the ferry. Flights from Buenos Aires go both to Montevideo and to Punta del Este, the main beach resort in the Uruguayan Atlantic coast.


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