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Public Relations in Uruguay

A PR is responsible for linking people with different profiles, whether they are entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, celebrities, among others. A PR is responsible for organizing events, coordinating logistics and calling the people whose profiles allow a successful event.

Public relations include a critical service for businesses today, as the increasingly competitive market requires a good relationship with customers and partner firms in the national and international market. The organization of social and business events is a global business need, and Uruguay is not the exception.


Our company has been working for many years in the uruguayan market. Today, we provide targeted public relations services for:

Individuals: events organization, parades, events promotion, VIP guests, image advice, tourist advice, nighlife advice, school for models, model agency, among others.

Companies: branding, press management, advertising, congress, customer management, business contacts, social events for enterprises, among others.


Interview in Telemundo 12 News - See Interview

Parades Organization - Branding – School of Models - Marketing

Modeling Agency - Travel - Night Events - Public Relations of Enterprises

Business Contacts - Customer Management - Media Management - Others

Companies en Media

Caras Uruguay – Bethel – Estancia la Paz – Staff Model Agency – Canal 12


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Tel: 00598 99366456

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