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Uruguay is an excellent life option. Low cost of living, political and economic stability, security, warm climate, low rental prices, beautiful cities and landscapes, people’s hospitality and quietness are some of the reasons to choose Uruguay as a country to live, rest or invest.  

To get further information about Uruguay’s lifestyle, customs, society, and settlement opportunities, we recommend you to check out our Retirement Planning in Uruguay.

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Uruguay is one of the countries with less corruption in Latin America and the world. Strategically located at the mid latitude of South America’s continent, its maritime gateway through the Atlantic Ocean, the political and economic stability, and its responsible government authorities, introduce Uruguay as an attractive destiny for foreign investments.

Eventhough many multinational firms have settled its branches in Uruguay during the last years, lot of medium and small enterprises could find their opportunities in Uruguay’s market. Uruguay’s GDP presents a sustainable growth, and could overcome a major economic crisis in 2002 in a manner which was internationally recognized as very successful. The economic system has always been respected for its compliance towards international financial obligations. It has adopted a free flotation exchange rate policy, where rates are determined by the market forces, and the government gets involved when the band limits are exceeded.      

Foreign investments are legally promoted by Uruguayan laws, offering legal benefits, tax exemption, guarantees, etc. Some trade development policies such as free ports and free trade areas, promote the international business, expecting to get benefit from the strategic location of the country, its ports infrastructure, and the tariff preferences negotiated along the region.

Logistic solutions – MERCOSUR

Uruguay is member of MERCOSUR since this integration process began in 1994. The MERCOSUR is an integration compromise in South America, assumed by Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, in order to improve the current Custom Union towards a Common Market. Although this process still shows some duties exceptions, most of the goods and services can be traded among the members without tariff restrictions. Some growing industries are still protected, but facing a progressive liberalization during next years.

The MERCOSUR tariff preferences position Uruguay as a logistics centre for storage, transport, manufacture and distribution of goods and services, supporting huge markets needs from Brazil and Argentina.

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, and presents an excellent natural port with great conditions, located at the south of the country. It operates under a Free Port regime, which allows business operations oriented to add value to the merchandise, without changing its nature, benefiting fractionation, packaging modifications, consolidation, deconsolidation, classification, handling, etc. Moreover, many logistics enterprises provide its services at Montevideo’s port, contributing with loading and downloading, mobilization of the cargo, transport, transshipment, re-transit, removal, storage, disposal and ships supply.   

Despite Montevideo has the main port of the country, the western Uruguay is experiencing a huge maritime and logistics development in recent years. This phenomenon is consequence of the Waterway Uruguay-Paraná. This waterway is a fluvial system that begins at the River Plate (Rio de la Plata) and goes through the South American continent, reaching coasts on Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay. The Uruguay-Parana Waterway is the unique maritime access possibility for Paraguay and Bolivia.

The Nueva Palmira and Colonia ports (Uruguay) have demonstrated a sustainable growing caused for the intense commerce with Buenos Aires (300 km far from Colonia) and the trade generated from the Waterway Uruguay-Parana. At these ports contemplate the Free Zone regime.

The logistics and international trade of goods and services are experiencing an economic boom, increasing the opportunities for all the regional businessmen.  

For further information about tendencies, opportunities, regulations, legal, and other economic facts, contact us and we will gladly send you all the information you may require. Our professional staff will work hardly in order to provide you a personal advice and information service, accorded to your needs.

Agro business

Uruguay has an agro-export oriented economy, and its natural conditions of land, pastures and mild climate favor the breeding of cattle and sheep, as well as the production of high quality fruits and vegetables.

The main exporting products are beef, grains (rice, cereals, etc) and milk derivates. Other products such as leather and wool are also positioned at the top of the exports ranking.

Recently, international prices of commodities have risen, generating historic earnings in the agro-sector, and causing an increment of the land prices. Lot of Uruguayan cold storages fabrics have been acquired by Brazilian, American and English capitals, in fact of its huge profitability.

Soya is another product that has experienced a pricing boom, descending during last years, but keeping an elevated rate comparing with historic standards. Business opportunities at Uruguayan agro-sector appear every day.

The forest industry (specially the production of cellulose pulp with eucalyptus wood) has encouraged millionaire investments of foreign capitals, and it has become one of the most profitable industries of the country.

The factories that produce mineral water were bought by French capitals, and predictions suggesting that water will be a limited resource in the coming years, let to think that this business with become more profitable in the short future.

New endeavors in citrus fruits, honey, cranberries to United States, among others, reflect the dynamism of the agro-sector, which every year offers new opportunities. However, other people get satisfied only owning and leasing a farming land, and enjoy a good life without working, only supervising.

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